Sean James provided exemplary personalized service with an environmental twist: Sean's dedicated crew placed huge rocks, planted large trees and moved earth without the usual high-impact machinery, giving the plants and trees a viable and nurturing foundation. I am very pleased with the selection and placement of native plants as they're not only attractive and fit the landscape; they also suit the challenging environment.
- Pattie Bennett

Client Testimonials

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing clients and for their kind words.

Sean James and Fern Ridge Landscaping have helped me create some amazing outdoor spaces all over Ontario. With attention to detail and a drive to create a balance between client's needs and the natural world around us, I happily recommend Fern Ridge Landscaping to any homeowner looking for something special. Sean's personal plant knowledge and understanding of environmental techniques are key to installing outdoor renovations that stand the test of time.

Carson Arthur, Host of HGTV's "Green Force"

Sean and his staff from his landscape company, Fern Ridge Landscaping, placed a feature garden for the fourth year in the Garden Show at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. I was very pleased with the workmanship and organization that Sean showed to display an outstanding garden for thousands of visitors to enjoy. Each one was different in design and gave homeowners ideas to improve their own outdoor living environment. In addition, Sean and staff were available to answer questions on their expertise in the landscape industry. Everything was completed on time and well maintained during the 18 day show. His staff were very pleasant to work with and willing to comply to any rules and regulations that were set by the CNE. Sean would do outstanding work for any landscape requirement in the residential or commerical field. His knowledge of plants is outstanding and his creative mind along with the team of landscape designers and installers would definitely be able to develop a plan that would be most satisying to anyone wanting top quality work.

Gord Rendell, Garden Show Superintendent Canadian National Exhibition

My experience with Sean James has left a lasting impression. Sean was a teacher of mine, years ago at Humber College, and I look back on his teaching as some of the most informative and heartfelt lessons I've received. Sean's horticultural knowledge is nothing short of mind blowing. He is a well of information that doesn't seem to bottom out.

I was told once by a previous employer, who is a champion in the landscape industry that, "there are a lot of people, with much to say, you just have to be careful who you listen to". I'm happy to say I decided to listen to Sean. I also believe the referal process is abused far to often, giving referals to someone you would never affiliate your self with. I happily endorse and recommend Sean James.

Phill McFadden

The basis of my recommendation is through Sean's work, both as a volunteer and as a businessman. Sean James is a great example of a person working for the community, in the community - he gives a lot back. He and his company would be the first I would approach for professional landscaping. I wouldn't hesitate to grab any opportunity to work with him on any project.

Jan Mowbray, Halton, ON

Sean James and Fern Ridge Landscaping, provide superior quality work, and the most important stand behind their jobs so the price that you pay totally worth the value that you receive.

Dmitri I

I hired Sean James February 2010 to design a complex series of gardens including a pond with waterfall and an arboretum. While I had collected some photos of landscape projects I liked from magazines, mostly I knew what I did not like. I was fussy about colour, wanting to rely more on leaf texture, shape and size. Also, I wanted to use native, drought-tolerant plants wherever possible. Sean's depth of knowledge and creative vision resulted in an outstanding design.

Sean's landscape crew was phenomenal. I worked alongside them every day for three weeks. The crew was very pleasant, hard-working, reliable and respectful. The crew leader, Ryan Bessey, was very resourceful and helpful. I had been dreaming about this project for years and thus had very high expectations. I am pleased to report that Sean James Consulting consistently exceeded them. I highly recommend their services.

The crew leader constantly amazed me with his ability to lead and yet be flexible. Like Sean, there wasn't a question I had that he couldn't answer. I had a number of out-sourced projects occurring simultaneously last spring. Two problems could have turned into catastrophes (both caused by other companies) if Sean's crew leader had not been so quick thinking, resourceful and helpful. All the staff model Sean's values; they are fully invested.

Dr. Jennifer Hlusko, HDSB trustee, Burlington

Thank you for the tree. We really enjoy the trees, especially the birch. They're doing well. You didn't have to teach us about trees but you are good so you did. We learned alot.

Sincerly, Jake & Evan - Students at Our Lady of Victory, Milton ON

David and I want you to know that we are extremely pleased with your service. Your employees were polite, co-operative, worked non-stop and we especially appreciated their attention to detail ... Thanks for your help in turning a disaster area into something welcoming!

Wendy, Campbellville ON

My wife and I worked with Sean James and his team at Fern Ridge Landscaping to develop ideas and a more enjoyable and user friendly back yard. We were very pleased with the ideas and designs as well as the installation. Contractors don't always take care of your property the way you would like, but Fern Ridge Landscaping crews left each day in an orderly fashion that still allowed us access to our yard while they were renovating. If you are considering a change to your home landscaping I would highly recommend you speak to Fern Ridge Landscaping.

Andrew Wall, Cambridge, Ontario

I have hired Fern Ridge for my garden and have recommended Sean to others with rave reviews! He delivers everything and more. His knowledge knows no bounds and he can help you figure it out even when you have not a clue but "it needs something"...he is your man! The crew is great...hustle, experience and dedication is just a few of their attributes. Natural designs to zen gardens Fern Ridge does it all!

Lianne K.

Sean's dedication to excellence is exceeded only by his enthusiasm for everything he does. When confronted with a problem, Sean survey's the options in a quick, logical manner and selects the best course of action to achieve the required results. He is a good listener and never looses sight of his primary goal: to realize the customer's desires. He operates a highly ethical, philosophically-driven business that benefits his employees and customers equally.

John MacLean, Manager, Reeves Garden and Home

I will never doubt your recommendation again. The pears you picked out will be beautiful. When asking about some of the plants at the nurseries, the people would describe your choices as as "oh, my favourite" or "what a romantic plant". Everyone who knew anything about plants, loved your selections. Now I see alot of careful thought went into your choices.

Christina and Damir, Limehouse ON

His firm cares for over eight acres of manicured gardens, as well as all shrubs and small trees, expansive perennial beds, extensive planting of annuals each year, and the maintenance of small apple and pear orchards. About two years ago, my wife and I had become so impressed with the quality of Sean's work, as well as the exceptionally high professionalism of his work crews, that we decided to secure his company's services in a long term contract for eight more years. We would never have considered such a contract with any company that we had hired previously. It was as much a testament of the trust that we had come to have in Mr. James as in the desire to ensure his company's services over the long term. Over the first two years of this eight year contract it has become clear to us that this trust has been well placed.

Sincerly, Robert T. Walsh, Campbellville ON

Shaun is an enthusiastic participant at the industry table. Driven by passion and dedication he is a pinnacle of what our industry should be.

Michael Pascoe, Director of Gardens at Fanshawe College

Sean James has long been a leader in the 'low-impact' landscaping movement. For years he has been raising awareness about the importance of working with nature to create landscapes that enhance positive interactions between insects, birds, wildlife and people. In addition Sean is a creative, thoughtful, caring and contribution-oriented individual. He generously donates his time and expertise on many industry and environmental committees. He is currently the Chair of the Landscape Ontario Environmental Stewardship Committee (2011), a frequent contributor to our magazines and popular teacher in our education programs.

Tony Di Giovanni, Executive Director, Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association

Sean is steeped in the knowledge of the plants and materials that he uses, and thrives on creating site specific projects that incorporate current thinking on habitat, indigenous plantings and ecological applications. All this is done within the scope of wonderfully unique garden scapes that consider the life cycle of the plantings and the all season enjoyment.

If you want a simple garden plan, he can do it. But it will always incorporate ideal of the garden as a complex mix of living space and ecosystem. You won't be disappointed.

Tom Dietrich

The (i)'s are dotted and the (t)'s - attention to detail is everything with Sean. Professional all the way.

Brian Shelfoon, Permacon Sales Rep